Water and Wastewater

Engineering for an essential resource

Municipal water distribution and wastewater collection and treatment are the cornerstone components of any community’s infrastructure. GLA’s professionals optimize the efficiency of these systems through a comprehensive approach to planning, design and construction of needed facilities. GLA also assists communities and local governments in ensuring that their systems meet the rigorous regulatory compliance requirements of both state and Federal regulatory agencies. In addition, the GLA team works to assist communities in procuring funds through grant and loan programs in order to subsidize the cost of their water and wastewater projects.

Water and Wastewater Services

  • Water towers, wells & distribution systems
  • Treatment plants
  • Regulatory agency compliance
  • Facilities planning
  • Discharge permit renewal
  • Collection system maintenance & rehabilitation
  • Pumping/booster stations
  • Funding procurement
  • Master Plan development
  • Computer modeling