Geoelectric liner leak detection

Verify the quality of your installed geomembrane

Liner integrity surveys, also known as geoelectric liner leak detection, is a method of verifying the quality of installed geomembranes by locating leaks. Leaks can be found both before and after cover material placement.  Many regulatory agencies are adding leak detection as a requirement for new construction. Liner integrity surveys can save our clients a substantial amount of time and money by identifying seaming failures, punctures, cracks, and tears in containment systems.  GLA’s leak detection team has over 130 million square feet of experience.

geoelectric liner leak detection

  • Water Puddle Method (ASTM D7002)
  • Dipole Method with earth as cover material (ASTM D7007)
  • Dipole Method with water as cover material (ASTM D7007)
  • Water Balance Testing

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