GLA was founded in 1991 by five geologists in southern California. We have grown to more than 250 engineers, water and soil scientists, architects, and support staff located in 26 offices in eight US states and Peru. Geo-Logic and its affiliates, DBS&A, Clear Creek AssociatesKunkel Engineering, and Geo-Logic Peru provide solutions to challenges for landfills, mines, contaminated sites, municipal projects, natural resources, and water resources.

Geo-Logic ConsultingListening to what our clients want

In the initial project stage, we listen to our clients’ objectives and needs. Frank discussions save valuable time and costly delays later in the project. Our clients trust us to discern what is needed for their project, knowing that GLA provides a straight forward answer.  Once the scope is established, the technical design begins.  A project team is selected based on their unique talents and skills. GLA’s collaborative environment and internal quality control measures ensure that the project requirements are incorporated into our work/designs.

Geo-Logic ConsultingDelivering the best solutions

GLA provides value-added, constructible solutions. The result is a responsive, high-quality work product. This, in turn, leads to long-term productive, positive working relationships with our clients and the regulatory agencies, resulting in a high percentage of repeat and direct-assigned work.