Drone / Aerial Imaging & Processing

Aerial Imaging & Processing

Geo-Logic Associates, Inc. (GLA) provides a complete range of aerial image collection and processing services including:

• site videography
• photography
• professional video editing
• photogrammetry.

Moreover, GLA team members have extensive experience in providing aerial imaging services for site documentation, forensic investigations, marketing videos, 3D modeling, generating topographic contours, and high resolution figure generation.

Aerial image data is collected with airplanes; drones or “UAV’s”; blimps; extension poles; etc. Our team works with the FAA and local authorities to determine and develop a successful mission yielding the best possible results. GLA maintains a safe and incident-free program compliant with CFR part 107 regulations. Our pilots are licensed and experienced in conducting missions in various client environments ranging from isolated and remote sites to densely populated residential high exposure scenarios.

GLA has the solution to all your imaging needs!