Earthquake Engineering

GLA provides earthquake engineering services for a wide range of critical projects across the United States and overseas. Our expertise applies to a host of project types, such as dams, levees, solid and hazardous waste landfills and Superfund sites, pipelines, transportation infrastructure, vertical construction, lifelines, and more. Project services encompass geologic and geotechnical engineering investigations, development of seismic design criteria, evaluation of regional and site seismicity, site response and seismic deformation analyses, soil liquefaction analyses, evaluation of seismic performance; designs to withstand seismic loading (including dams and appurtenant structures, and foundations for buildings, bridges, and other structures), site reconnaissance following earthquakes, and ground vibration assessments.

Practice Specialties

Site Characterization
Seismic Hazard Analyses
Soil Liquefaction Evaluation
Site Response Analyses
Seismic Stability and Deformation Analyses

Advancing the State of Practice

Our earthquake engineering group is led by Neven Matasovic, PhD, PE, GE. He has been instrumental in the development of several widely used, advanced numerical modeling techniques. He was honored with the Shamsher Prakash Prize for Excellence in the Practice of Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and has authored and co-authored more than 200 technical papers in the earthquake engineering discipline. Dr. Matasovic has also co-authored two federal agency guidance documents in the area of earthquake engineering: the U.S. Federal Highway Administration’s design guidance on geotechnical earthquake engineering for highway facilities; and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s seismic design guidance for municipal solid waste landfills. He is on the Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics Committee of the American Society of Civil Engineers and a member of the Geoseismic Subcommittee of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies.

Dr. Matasovic leads a team of focused geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists who specialize in seismic geology, ground motion characterization, numerical modeling (FLAC V8.0), and seismic slope stability evaluation.


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