Geology and Hydrogeology

Identifying and characterizing the geologic and hydrogeologic conditions affecting our environment

GLA’s professional geologists endeavor to identify and characterize the conditions that affect our client’s projects. From geologic mapping of a proposed site, to a full-scale subsurface investigation, GLA has the expertise to provide geology and hydrogeology services for a wide range of projects and terrains. Our geologists provide the “groundwork” for our geotechnical and environmental engineers to develop engineering approaches and solutions to our clients’ challenges.

Hydrogeology is the study of the complex distribution and movement of groundwater in the soil and rocks of the earth. GLA’s hydrogeologists understand this interaction and are experts at hydrogeological applications for the markets we serve.  Our extensive hydrogeologic experience includes design, construction, sampling, and evaluation of hundreds of water quality monitoring systems and over a thousand monitoring points. GLA’s environmental monitoring includes the logical extension of hydrogeological services to groundwater monitoring, reporting, and remediation.  GLA also provides landfill gas monitoring services. Other environmental support includes site investigation and remediation as well as permitting support for CEQA applications.

Geology Services

  • Geologic mapping
  • Subsurface geologic investigations
  • Shear wave velocity and seismic refraction surveys
  • Landslide investigations
  • Fault investigations
  • Soil characterizations


Hydrogeology Services

  • Groundwater flow modeling
  • Aquifer testing and analyses
  • Well installation, development and abandonment
  • Water supply studies