heap leach injection services; enhanced metal recovery (EMR) for Gold, Silver and Copper Mines

Enhanced Metal Recovery

GLA uses Enhanced Metal Recovery (EMR) to help mining clients access previously unrecoverable gold, silver, and copper. EMR has resulted in recovery of tens of thousands of additional ounces of ore for our mining clients, adding tens of millions of dollars right to their bottom lines.

EMR is a heap leach injection process that involves installation of steel-cased wells in heap leach pads with multiple perforated zones throughout the well profile. GLA uses proprietary tooling to isolate the respective zones and inject solution. The injection flushes out previously dissolved metals and creates new pathways to ore that had not been previously exposed to solution. EMR thereby accelerates the recovery of target metals and recovers metals that were unrecoverable utilizing traditional surface application leaching. Project revenue, as additional ounces recovered, is generated within days of the first injection of solution.

GLA has performed heap leach injection projects at seven mines in three countries since 2015, making GLA the most experienced heap leach injection company currently operating internationally. GLA’s proprietary heap leach injection technology has a proven track record in various parts of the world.

GLA performs geotechnical evaluations prior to and during heap leach injections to manage the potential effects of injections on pore water pressures and on the stability of the heap leach pad.

With Enhanced Metal Recovery (EMR), GLA installs casing, then lowers injection tooling into position and injects solution into targeted zones of ore to recover additional recoverable materials.

Key benefits of Enhanced Metal Recovery

  • Short-term return on investment, providing cash flow for costly operating expenses, mine reclamation, and closure costs
  • Implementation by a highly experienced team of engineers and field professionals
  • Injection plan and solution management tailored to meet the client- and site-specific needs
  • Continuous interface between client management and technical team to ensure client involvement
  • Permitting and financing assistance available
  • Wells can be reinjected to further enhance recovery

To enhance a mine’s bottom line with Enhanced Metal Recovery, GLA can assist with:

  • Heap leach injection
  • Heap leach wells
  • Heap leach recovery
  • Enhanced metal recovery
  • Gold heap leach
  • Copper heap leach
  • Silver heap leach
  • Heap leach gravity wells
  • Heap leach geophysics
  • Heap characterization
  • Improved gold recovery
  • Heap stabilization
  • Alternative leaching technologies
  • Heap leach technology
  • Accelerate gold recovery
  • Heap leach reclamation