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Geologic Associates: a Geological & Geotechnical firm in the US and Peru

Clear Creek Partners with FMI and Safford to Increase Water Supply

GLA’s Arizona affiliate, Clear Creek Associates, was recently featured for its involvement in the Bonita Creek water supply system project—a project that was achieved through a partnership between the City of Safford, Arizona, Freeport-McMoRan (FMI) mining company, and Clear Creek Associates.

Clear Creek hydrologists worked in partnership with the City and FMI to evaluate and ultimately increase the water supply from this valuable water resource. The City had traditionally relied on Bonita Creek for 70 percent of the area’s water supply; however, drought conditions in 2012 and 2013 had resulted in a 30 to 35 percent reduction in water delivered by the system to the City of Safford. By implementing a siphon to increase the efficiency of the capture system, the project increased flow of water by 25 percent providing a more reliable source of water.

The video features: Doug Bartlett, co-founder and principal hydrologist of Clear Creek Associates.

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